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Outdoor spot alarm system

products introduction

  • The product has the function of wireless installation, sound and light alarm at the same time, shrill alarm sound and convenient to use. The system can widely used for villas,houses,shops,small and medium stores, hospitals,schools,libraries,banks, parking lots, farms ,computer rooms, ect.
  • 1. Combine the alarm host and the siren with flash together 
    2. Alarm sound and flare both take action to make more powerful warning on spot 
    3. With the host to control other sensors 
    4. Smart appreance 
    5. With LED display the alarm information 
    6. Can not dial out phone number when alarming 
    7. Can work with 20 wireless detectors 
    8. Alarm sound: 120 db 
    9. Easy to operate, arm/disarm/emergency help function 
    10. Frequency: 315/433 MHZ
  • Standard pack components: 
    1 host, 1 door sensor,1 remote controller,1 adaptor, 1 phone wire
  • Can work with 20 wireless detectors
  • Alarm sound: 120 db
  • Easy to operate, arm/disarm/emergency help function
  • Frequency: 315/433 MHZ


1 main panel, 1 wireless door sensor, 1 remote controllers, 1 power supply, 1 manual